Protenus Employee Values Spotlight
Megan McClurkin, Manager, Customer Success, has been nominated for the Employee Values Spotlight for embodying our shared company values.

Megan McClurkin, Manager, Customer Success

For November, we are excited to announce that Megan McClurkin, Manager, Customer Success, from the Customer Success Team has been nominated for the Employee Values Spotlight for embodying our shared company values.

Megan recently led the CSM team through a challenging shift, and used values as the guiding principles to show up every day for her team and our customers. During this period, the team could have easily caused values to take a back seat under the pressure and stress - but Megan went in the opposite direction. She relied on our values to lead the way. As described by her team, Megan handled a very challenging time with grace. They appreciate the "be human" approach that she has embodied during this very hard time of being understaffed. Megan is also described as even-keeled and having a grounding presence by her team. Another word that always comes up when the team reflects on the last few months is trust. The CSMs feel her support every day. Even though Megan is always there to guide and help and listen, the team feels that she also 100% trusts them to independently resolve problems and she naturally knows how to ramp up and down her level of support depending on what each person and situation calls for. On top of all that, the team feels that Megan supports and understands each of their individual career goals. She truly has gone above and beyond recently to demonstrate our values, not only internally but externally as well.

Q&A with Megan

What’s your role at Protenus, and what do you do?

My role is Manager, Customer Success and I lead our team of Customer Success Managers at Protenus. In addition to my role as a manager, I also serve as the Customer Success Manager for a portfolio of customers guiding them through their Protenus journey to help them meet their goals and maximize the value they receive.  

What do Protenus’ values mean to you?

Be Human - We come to work each day as ourselves and show each other compassion, grace and empathy. Doing my best today may look differently than it did yesterday and that’s ok.

Build Trust - We demonstrate to each other and our customers that we are reliable and accountable to what we say we’ll do.

Live [Em]powered - Everyone is empowered to use their voice and drive change. I am empowered to make decisions and know my team and leadership will have my back.

Onward Together - We’re better together and we’ll learn and grow best as a team

How is it working with our customers on a daily basis?

I may be biased, but we have the best customers. I get so much satisfaction in my job building relationships with customers and partnering with them on the work they do. 

How has working at Protenus impacted your career?

I’ve worked in a variety of roles in healthcare IT throughout my career, but working at Protenus has solidified my love of Customer Success. I am passionate about building meaningful relationships with customers and helping them achieve their goals and look forward to working in Customer Success for many years to come.

What has surprised you the most about working at Protenus?

Protenus leadership works really hard to create a meaningful and supportive work environment. At Protenus I’ve been able to find a role where I can do challenging work that I’m proud of, all in a manageable way where I am supported as a person. It's a really special balance that I was surprised to find.