Protenus Professional Services

Make the Most of Your Investment

Make the most of your investment in Protenus platform solutions with our professional services offering that includes guidance on how to best use the Protenus platform to reach organizational goals, leverage industry best practices, and maintain a quality healthcare compliance analytics program.

We offer three types of professional services tailored to your organization’s needs – all based on proven methods – that deliver a return on your investment.

Consultative Services

We’ll help you transition from a report-based approach and move towards proactive, preventative strategies for monitoring efforts. After assessing the current state of your risk-reduction program, we’ll provide recommendations based on best practices to ensure successful implementation, utilization, and optimization of the program over time. 

Case Review & Triage

Partner with our services team of subject matter experts to supplement your resources. We’ll assist you in reviewing and triaging cases our platform surfaces so you don’t miss what matters.

Annual Health Checkup

We’ll provide a benchmark comparison report with similarly sized organizations to answer the questions “How is our program doing and how can we improve?” Gain key insights and easily demonstrate performance to stakeholders.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Protenus’ professional services allow us to efficiently resolve cases in a timely manner, hand- in-hand with a trusted Protenus [compliance] professional.” ”
Academic Medical Center
Midwest, USA
“What I love about this solution is that it uses proven technology to solve a known issue that plagues our healthcare system.”
Bryan Sivak
Former CTO, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
“The support is very good. We have a customer-service representative as well as other people that my team can connect with. The vendor is very responsive and gets back to us in a timely manner. At all levels of their organization, the people are customer focused, meet or exceed the customer's need, and are very responsive.”
March 2022 KLAS Survey*
"We have professional services supporting the product, and having those services is the key to success. I don’t think we would be anywhere near as successful as we are without those services. I don’t know how much the services cost, but I am going to say they are worth the price. Monitoring the volumes is so much work."
May 2022

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