Protect Patient Privacy

Protenus leverages artificial intelligence and advanced analytics in the only healthcare privacy solution built on a risk-reduction platform that enables untapped, intelligent scalability for its users.


Did You Know?

From the 2022 Protenus Breach Barometer Report.


Patient records were breached in 2021


Increase in hacking incidents year over year

1 in 10

Breaches attributed to insiders

Based on actual customer data

With Protenus Patient Privacy Monitoring, You Can:


Audit up to 100% of system accesses


Achieve up to 95% accuracy rate distinguishing between proper vs. improper system accesses


Experience 70% time savings compared to legacy systems


Improvements to our machine learning model resulted in our Patient Privacy Monitoring customers reviewing 14 fewer cases per month while maintaining the same violation discovery level.

Is Your Organization Mitigating Risk?

The average hospital generates 60 million auditable events per month, but only audits 1,000 of them. Do you know how many privacy violations your organization has, and do you have a handle on your compliance monitoring efforts? Have you considered the risk to your organization? 


The Patient Privacy Monitoring Solution

With Protenus, your compliance teams can do more than humanly possible using fewer resources when it comes to accurately, reliably, and quickly detecting privacy violations to protect your patients and mitigate organizational and reputational risk. 


Improve Policy Adherence

By auditing up to 100% of system accesses, our customers are not only able to surface privacy violations previously hidden but also identify the early warning signs of an incident, strengthening their policy adherence strategy.


Protect PHI and ROI

This means our privacy customers focus on what matters most by configuring their risk tolerance, automating the detection of patient data breaches, monitoring their investigative progress, and streamlining their workflow — all to protect their patients’ health information and departmental ROI

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“The platform is intuitive and does not require a lot of training. We have become more efficient in our case investigations and even identified opportunities for improving our clinical processes.”
Dave Wiltsey
Corporate Compliance Analyst, University of Maryland Medical Center
“What I love about this system is that it uses proven technology to solve a known issue that plagues our healthcare system.”
Brian Sivak
Former CTO, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
“Awesome product and great customer service.”
Janelle Harrison
Vidant HealthServices
“Protenus is the only tool that truly knows who’s touching your data and in what context. It’s the future of what monitoring looks like and what you can do with the analytics.”
Helenmarie Blake
Vice President, Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer, Nicklaus Children's Health System
“We were nearly 100% down the road with another company and once we got our hands on this product, we saw that Protenus stood head and shoulders above anybody else. The background analytics, the fact that they could do a privacy health checkup after the engagement, and the fluidity and usability of the product really flipped the switch for us.”
March 2022 KLAS Survey*

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