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No one will help protect your organization’s reputation and trust more than Protenus — enabling you to navigate the intricate landscape of healthcare compliance and risk elimination.

Our solutions detect privacy violations and drug diversion faster, helping stem extensive reputational and financial damage.

You are at Risk

The average auditable events
a hospital generates per month
but only audits 2,000*

*Drug Diversion events

171 million+
Patient health records
were breached in 2023

Average number of days
to identify & resolve a data
breach caused by malicious insider

Number of monthly auditable
an average hospital can
review with human labor alone

Maximum DEA fine per violation,
for failing to maintain effective
controls against diversion of opioids

Without the right technology, you risk unknown or delayed identification of Privacy Breaches & Diversion Incidents

How Will You Reduce Risk?

Leverage Protenus AI technology to address these challenges and more.

What Our Customers are Saying

“The platform is intuitive and does not require a lot of training. We have become more efficient in our case investigations and even identified opportunities for improving our clinical processes.”
Dave Wiltsey
Corporate Compliance Analyst, University of Maryland Medical Center
“Within our old system, it would take two full-time employees (FTE) to conduct the detection and communication work. With Protenus we are only utilizing 0.5 FTE.”
Brandon Neiswender
VP and COO, CRISP (Maryland HIE)
“What I love about this solution is that it uses proven technology to solve a known issue that plagues our healthcare system.”
Bryan Sivak
Former CTO, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
“When we switched systems, Protenus was right on top of things and didn't charge an arm and a leg. The process was very easy.”
VP/Other Executive
March 2022 KLAS Survey*
"We did a load of data and had to go back and pull access by physicians, and it was really easy to download the data and get the information. The product has saved my brain and my soul. The product has been a time-saver. We are pleased with that experience."
May 2022 KLAS Survey*
"Protenus Diversion Analytics is great. The product has been very beneficial for our organization. It has helped us a lot with streamlining our diversion time frames and drug diversion monitoring. I am very pleased with the product."
August 2022

Did You Know?

Check out the latest findings on healthcare privacy and diversion in our valued industry reports.


20% Increase in Business Associate-Related Breaches

Third-party breaches affected 118M patient records — 69% of all breached records in 2023.


Number one cause of a breach in 2023 was due to insider unauthorized access at 93%

Insider access can occur when sensitive information is shared with someone who does not have authorization to view it.


70% of Diversion Incidents Involve Doctors & Nurses

Doctors and nurses were responsible for the majority of drug diversion activity in 2020, together accounting for 67% of diversion activity.

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