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How Will You Reduce Risk in Your Healthcare Organization?

How well does your organization protect patient privacy or prevent drug diversion?

Do you know exactly who is accessing your systems, when they’re doing so, and in what context? We do. (2)

Protenus helps you detect inappropriate accesses and behavior patterns faster to stem damage and mitigate risk, and provides audit trails and other methods to assist in quick case resolution.

Our solutions enable workforce automation, important for supporting your staffing changes and challenges. We strengthen your compliance by enabling peer-to-peer collaboration that extends knowledge and experience outside the four walls of your organization.


Harness the power of artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to help solve your biggest healthcare compliance challenges.

Protect Patient Privacy

Save time, stay compliant, and reduce policy violations with the only healthcare patient privacy monitoring solution built on a risk-reduction platform that enables untapped, intelligent scalability for its users. 

Audit up to 100% of accesses to patient data
Reduce the number of privacy violations over time
Reduce false positives and focus on what matters

Prevent Drug Diversion

Understand the movement of controlled substances throughout your organization and efficiently identify unseen incidents of misuse or abuse as they happen with a drug diversion surveillance solution that supports workforce automation and optimizes your existing resources.

Audit up to 100% of pharmaceutical transactions
Reduce the number of diversion incidents over time
Mitigate safety hazards to your patients and workforce

Professional Services

To make the most of your investment with Protenus platform solutions, we offer professional services that include guidance on how to best use the Protenus platform to reach organizational goals, leverage industry best practices, and maintain a quality healthcare compliance analytics program.

We offer three types of professional services tailored to your organization’s needs – all based on proven methods – that deliver a return on your investment.

Consultative Services
Case Review and Triage
Annual Health Checkup

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Protenus’ customer service is excellent because of their responsiveness and their turnaround times.”
July 2021 KLAS Survey*
“When we switched systems, Protenus was right on top of things and didn't charge an arm and a leg. The process was very easy.”
VP/Other Executive
March 2022 KLAS Survey*
“The product is very straightforward and accurate, and the vendor provided an ample amount of training.”
March 2022 KLAS Survey*
“I like the customization of the Protenus system. It learns over time, and I can customize it if I am looking at something specific or how many reports I would like to have in a certain time period. I appreciate that.”
March 2022 KLAS Survey*

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