Protenus Patent Information

The following are patents Protenus holds to protect intellectual property of our healthcare compliance analytics technology. Any licensing inquiries or other questions about Protenus’ patent portfolio should be directed to Protenus General Counsel, Amy Much, at


Ref No. U.S. Patent No. Subject Matter    Date Issued
1-01 10,679,737

Claims cover detecting anomaly when employee accesses record not normally accessed by others in the same clinical group

June 9, 2020

1-02 11,183,281

Claims broadly cover anomaly detection technology, not limited to any example scenario

November 23, 2021



Claims cover GUI features used in patient privacy monitoring platform

September 6, 2022

1-04 11,437,128

Claims broadly cover the use of rules to detect a possible breach

September 6, 2022

2-00 11,282,597

Claims broadly cover drug diversion technology

March 22, 2022



Claims cover GUI features used in drug diversion surveillance platform



April 5, 2022

2-02 11,437,131

Claims broadly cover detecting a possible drug misappropriation event by clustering drug dispensing data

September 6, 2022

3-01 11,621,065

Covers determining a possible misappropriation event, displaying an alert, and allowing a user to provide feedback

May 22, 2023