Protenus Employee Values Spotlight
Steve Chernyak, Staff Infrastructure Engineer

Steve Chernyak, Staff Infrastructure Engineer

At Protenus, the values of Build Trust, Be Human, Live (Em)Powered and Onward Together are baked into all that we do. We continuously look for new and rewarding ways to integrate these eight values into our work, for the ultimate benefit of employees, customers, and the company.

For April, we are excited to announce that Steve Chernyak, Staff Infrastructure Engineer, who is a member of the Infrastructure Engineering team at Protenus has been nominated for the Employee Values Spotlight for embodying our shared company values.

Steve serves as a leader within the Infrastructure team, helping and assisting not only his direct teammates, but also working cross functionally within Protenus TechOps to provide guidance on “all things AWS”. Steve approaches issues with a mentoring mindset, helping to empower and upskill his peers. His work on the user sync rewrite has served as the foundation for several other projects, helping to standardize our workflows and building trust in our internal processes. Steve demonstrates the Protenus values on a daily basis and is well deserving of being named April’s Employee Values Spotlight Winner.

Q&A with Steve

What’s your role at Protenus, and what do you do?

I am a Staff Infrastructure Engineer at Protenus. I work with the rest of the infrastructure team to manage AWS cloud resources that support Protenus workloads.

What do Protenus’ values mean to you?

I get to enjoy and contribute to an environment where I celebrate, appreciate and trust the people I work with.

As Protenus celebrates their 10 year anniversary in 2024, what makes you most proud about working at Protenus?

I’m proud to be part of a great company that delivers valuable services to its clients. I’m most proud of the fact that it does so while maintaining an awesome culture.

How has working at Protenus impacted your career?

I get to work with great people and use new and exciting technologies. I can’t imagine anything better for my career.

What has surprised you the most about working at Protenus?

The culture is even better than advertised!