Protenus launches new initiative to address a wide array of challenges in healthcare analytics.

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Baltimore, Maryland - July 11th, 2017 —Protenus, the healthcare industry’s most robust, analytics-driven solution for protecting patient privacy and preventing health data breaches, is launching an effort to apply its advanced analytics platform to a new suite of challenges, responding to client demand for additional analytics, like detecting suspected employee theft of prescription opiates.

By using many of the same analytical tools that allowed Protenus to transform the patient privacy monitoring market, the new initiative will leverage artificial intelligence to illuminate the dark corners of healthcare more broadly, differentiating appropriate from inappropriate activity throughout healthcare clinical and administrative workflows and mitigating risk across health systems, health information exchanges and payers.

Co-Founder Robert Lord will lead an interdisciplinary team of data scientists, engineers, and business professionals to expand the applicability of the Protenus platform to the evolving challenges facing healthcare customers. Lord will lead these efforts in the new role of President, while Co-Founder Nick Culbertson will take on the role of CEO.

“At our core, we are a workflow analytics company -- our solution understands how patient data is virtually accessed and used during normal clinical and administrative workflows. Security and privacy breaches are just one example of the many types of anomalies that may occur in these workflows. We’re excited to work with our customers to apply our predictive analytics to proactively identify the many other types of anomalies that create unnecessary risk or waste for healthcare organizations,” said Co-Founder and CEO Nick Culbertson.

“This important step forward in our company represents a new opportunity to both continue to focus on serving our existing markets with the passion and rigor that we always have, while simultaneously applying founder-level effort to the exploration of new vistas. Protenus is, and has always been, committed to building and protecting trust in healthcare, and we see this new initiative as a natural extension of our work,” said Co-Founder and President Robert Lord.

Protenus currently protects the privacy of more than 44 million patients in hospitals, health information exchanges, and healthcare organizations throughout North America, using advanced analytics to identify anomalous behaviors within a hospital’s electronic health records and associated systems. By leveraging an array of artificial intelligence techniques to build a comprehensive understanding of clinical and administrative workflows, Protenus detects when individuals inappropriately access patient data or perform other malicious or naively dangerous actions, ensuring trust throughout health data systems.

“While Protenus’ efforts in patient privacy have been transformative for the industry, we see our greatest asset as the deep understanding of healthcare workflows that we’ve built, and the world-class team of data scientists, engineers, researchers and thought leaders that we’ve assembled. Leveraging these strengths to further address the analytical needs of our growing customer base and building on these trusted partnerships is a natural extension of our work,” said Ed Michael, of Protenus’ Board of Directors.

“Nick and I founded Protenus as two friends with the goal of working together to solve some of healthcare’s most challenging problems. Almost four years later, our mission remains the same and we are thrilled with the success we’ve seen in such a short period of time. This new markets initiative represents an exciting step forward for Protenus, and we look forward to working with our world-class customers, partners, and investors who continue to join us in our mission,” said Lord.

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