Robert Lord to present on how healthcare can better protect vulnerable populations' medical data.

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Louisville, KY – Healthcare organizations across the U.S. are struggling to protect the data of their most vulnerable patients, according to Robert Lord, president and co-founder of Protenus, a healthcare compliance analytics platform detecting inappropriate activity in electronic health record (EHR) systems. Lord, who is a featured speaker at the Health Care Compliance Association’s Louisville meeting tomorrow, will be speaking on the topic, as well as on strategies healthcare organizations can use to build trust with the vulnerable populations they serve by better protecting health data.

Lord’s presentation, “Healthcare’s Crisis of Trust: The Past, Present and Future of Health Data Privacy,” discusses the current health data breach landscape with attention given to the specific challenges vulnerable patient populations face in the wake of a breach. The presentation focuses on advances in privacy monitoring, including strategies that use artificial intelligence to audit every access to health data to detect and eliminate inappropriate user behavior in hospitals.

“The protection of underserved, highly vulnerable patients is a mission that means a great deal to Protenus, going back to the very origins of our company,” stated Lord. “My hope is that by highlighting opportunities for improvement in how we protect the sensitive medical information of our most vulnerable patients, the healthcare industry can begin to implement solutions, and build trust with all the patients we serve.”

With 1 in 12 hospitals experiencing a breach in 2016, vulnerable populations, a group of patients who receive poor outcomes due to systematic challenges associated with their race, age, sensitive diagnosis, socioeconomic status, or other factors, continue to be at higher risk and have compounded ramifications when their health data is breached.

HCCA provides forums across the country for local compliance professionals to interact, share information about their healthcare organization's compliance successes and challenges, and create educational opportunities for compliance professionals, with the goal of strengthening compliance in healthcare.

To register or learn more about Robert’s presentation, visit the HCCA website.

Presentation details: November 3, 2017 8:30am - 9:30am University of Louisville, Shelby Campus

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