Nick Culbertson, CEO and Co-Founder of health compliance analytics firm Protenus, to speak on how AI-powered analytics reduces organizational risk and drives cultural transformation at the CISO Executive Summit in Philadelphia

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Philadelphia, PA -- The ability to audit every access to patient data will help healthcare use AI-powered analytics to solve the industry’s biggest challenges. Nick Culbertson, CEO and Co-founder of Protenus, the world’s leading healthcare compliance analytics platform, will present alongside Hussein Syed, Chief Information Security Officer for RWJBarnabas and Daniel Wilt, Chief Information Security Officer for the HealthShare Exchange of Southeastern Pennsylvania, on how insights gained from health data analytics can drive cultural transformation and reduce organizational risk.

The presentation, titled “How Data Insights Affect Cultural Transformation,” will be an interactive panel, where panelists will discuss how health systems can drive policy awareness, reduce privacy violations and breach incidents, and demonstrate a reduction in overall risk with the adoption of an AI-powered user behavior analytics strategy.

“Healthcare organizations continue to suffer an average of at least one data breach a day,” said Culbertson. “These disclosed breaches are just the tip of the iceberg of the actual risk health systems routinely carry. The adoption of AI-powered analytics is crucial to begin the prevention of privacy violations and breach incidents which expose organizations to substantial risk. With artificial intelligence, health systems can demonstrate a real return on investment and overall reduction in that risk through cultural change.”

Technological advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning have made it possible to audit every access to health data, giving organizations the ability to share health data safely and securely across their systems. For the first time, health systems can demonstrate that access to health data is being accessed appropriately, and stop inappropriate accesses in their tracks.

“For even well-structured healthcare organizations, security has been purely reactive and tactical,” said Syed. “As the value of healthcare security has increased, the need for security has begun to evolve, as well as be seen as a strategic objective for health systems.”

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Presentation details Wednesday, July 25, 2018 11:15 am - 12:00 pm Cooper University Hospital

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