Join Protenus for a deep dive into the 2022 Breach Barometer Report and Privacy Health Checkup benchmarks. We’re giving you the pulse on key industry metrics and takeaways, the latest trends, areas of success and, importantly, areas of improvement. Curious about how your organization stacks up? We hope to see you for this interactive discussion!

2022 march webinar (square image)

Our Breach Barometer Report on health data violations in 2021 will reveal:

  • Hackers’ devious new strategies to gain entry to your systems
  • How insider events are trending
  • How healthcare organizations can get ahead of increasingly sophisticated threat actors

Then see how your organization compares to peers in our 2022 Annual Privacy Health Checkup review! You’ll learn:

  • The average insider violations peers see per month and the intended targets
  • The breakdown of repeat offenders vs. first timers
  • How fast your peers are resolving cases vs. the industry

Breach Barometer/PHC Benchmarks e-PANDAS webinar registration