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Protenus CEO to Present on Healthcare’s Evolving Privacy Threat Landscape

Protenus CEO and Co-founder to speak on the ongoing threats to patient data at HIPAA Summit in Washington D.C.

Baltimore, MD -- “15 million patient records were breached in 2018, almost triple of what the industry experienced in 2017,” stated Nick Culbertson, CEO and Co-founder of Protenus, an AI-powered healthcare compliance analytics platform that protects patient data for the nation’s leading health systems, will present on the current health data breach landscape as well as discuss how healthcare compliance analytics can drive cultural transformation and reduce organization risk.

Culbertson’s presentation on “The Privacy Threat Spectrum,” will discuss emerging technologies, that replace reactive, manual processes, allowing health systems to audit every access to health data, and demonstrate a reduction in overall risk across the privacy threat spectrum with the adoption of AI-powered analytics strategy.

“The challenges that we face in healthcare are different than virtually any other part of the information security industry. On a daily basis, as many as 10 million actions can take place inside a healthcare organization’s electronic health record system,” stated Culbertson. “The paradigm for how you protect information is different, and the approaches for protecting privacy are different. Advanced analytics must be used to reduce the time spent on manual audits and investigations, enabling hospital leaders to focus on organizational priorities and reducing risk.”

One end of the healthcare privacy threat spectrum includes high-volume, low-risk incidents that are often attributed to insiders, which often go undetected due to their legitimate access to the medical record system. At the other end of the privacy threat spectrum, there are low-volume, high-risk incidents like phishing or hacking incidents that can affect a multitude of patient records with one incident.

Advances in artificial intelligence have made it possible, for the first time, to audit every access to health data, providing organizations the necessary insight to prevent incidents on both ends of the healthcare privacy threat spectrum and share health data safely and securely. The HIPAA Summit brings together the nation’s top health leaders to discuss challenges with electronic health record adoption, patient data security, and practical information to improve HIPAA compliance and associated legal and policy issues.

To register or learn more about the presentation, please visit the HIPAA Summit website.

Presentation details

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

12:30 p.m.

Grand Hyatt Regency, Washington D.C.