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May 9th, 2019 Download

Leading Institutions Assemble to Shape Innovation in Healthcare Privacy

Protenus hosts the third annual Privacy and Analytics (PANDAs) conference to foster best practices for privacy officers using healthcare compliance

Baltimore, MD -- Protenus, a healthcare compliance analytics platform that uses artificial intelligence to find anomalous behavior in our nation’s leading health systems, gathered representatives from top healthcare organizations, as part of the Privacy and Analytics (PANDAs) community, to discuss privacy best practices and how data analytics enables better protection of patient data and effective HIPAA compliance.

The two-day event is a forum for healthcare privacy professionals to learn from peer organizations’ experiences, exchange best practices, and use their collective expertise to advance standards for protecting patient privacy.

The first keynote, “Alexa, why do we need APIs in healthcare,” was presented by Lucia Savage, Chief Privacy Officer of Omada Health. The presentation focused on how health systems can balance advancing digital health and patient engagement while ensuring the privacy and security of patient data. Savage’s presentation also highlighted best practices healthcare organizations can start using to reduce organizational risk and better protect patient privacy.

Day two’s keynote, “Artificial Intelligence in healthcare compliance,” was presented by Erem Kazancıoğlu, Senior Data Scientist of Protenus. This session was an “under the hood” look at the Protenus approach to analytics and how this approach has evolved over time to ensure healthcare privacy teams have everything they need to effectively protect their patient’s most sensitive information.

“The PANDAs community has been a great resource to our team. Having candid discussions around best practices and tackling tough challenges in privacy has been very rewarding,” said David Behinfar, Chief Privacy Officer for the University of North Carolina. “We look forward to continuing our involvement with PANDAs as the community continues to innovate the industry.

“The PANDAs community will no doubt move our industry forward as it continues to encourage innovation to better protect patient privacy,” stated Nick Culbertson, CEO and Co-founder of Protenus. “The insight and collective wisdom represented in this community will shape the way healthcare thinks about using data analytics and artificial intelligence to support privacy teams.”

PANDAs took place from May 8-9, 2019 in Baltimore, Maryland. For information on the conference, use the provided link: