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Sep 15th, 2016 Download

IAPP honors Protenus for innovation in health data analytics

First healthIT awardee recognized for advances in patient privacy.

Baltimore, Maryland - September 15, 2016 - Protenus, the world’s leading proactive patient privacy analytics platform, is the winner of one of the privacy industry’s top honors, the 2016 HPE-IAPP Privacy Innovation Award. This award recognizes unique organizations making strides in advancing privacy protection in a way that elevates its value as both a competitive differentiator and centerpiece of customer and citizen trust.

With 20 million patient records breached in the summer of 2016, hospitals and health systems increasingly need to reinforce health data security by employing a multi-layered, proactive approach to better protect patient privacy in electronic health records.

Protenus is transforming patient privacy with an analytics platform deployed at scale in the nation’s leading hospitals. The platform uses Protenus-led advances in big data, artificial intelligence, clinical informatics, and machine learning to examine every access to a patient’s health record and identifies suspicious activity. Protenus helps hospitals effectively identify privacy violations with an accuracy rate of 97 percent.

“Our team is extremely honored to receive the 2016 HPE-IAPP Privacy Innovation Award for Technology,” said Robert Lord, Co-Founder and CEO of Protenus. “As former medical students, my Co-Founder Nick Culbertson and I saw the need to build something entirely new to tackle the mounting patient privacy challenges brought on by the rapid rollout of electronic medical records. It is a great privilege to be recognized by our peers for making real contributions to enhancing the privacy of everyone who seeks healthcare.”

Past winners of the HPE-IAPP Privacy Innovation Award in the innovative technology category include Airwatch by VMWare (2015), IDExperts (2014), Considerati (2013).

“Protenus is deploying a technology platform that exemplifies the true spirit of the HPE-IAPP Privacy Innovation Award. In a world where personal privacy is under increasing threat, they are making real advances in helping hospitals protect patient privacy,” said Trevor Hughes, President and CEO of IAPP. “Ensuring trust throughout the system is critical for all privacy professionals as we continue to shape a future that balances the benefits of good stewardship of data with the individual’s right to privacy. Protenus is helping lead the way to ensure trust in healthcare.”

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