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Jul 17th, 2018 Download

Consumers Demand Patient Data Protection as Black Book Names Protenus as Leading-Edge Innovator

Baltimore, MD -- In an effort to leverage innovation to meet consumer expectations in healthcare technology, Black Book Research recently performed a survey that found Protenus is an industry-leading innovator in protecting patient data. The survey examined consumer preferences about which innovative healthcare technologies piqued their curiosity in four key areas:

“(1) immediate demand from them as an active consumer (meaning they had used or interacted with a healthcare technology, product or service within the last six months);

“(2) most likely drive an improvement in their healthcare status, choices or delivery in the next six months;

“(3) highly innovative and/or disruptive for the healthcare industry;

and (4) immediate value to them.”

With the explosion of electronic health records over the past decade has come an attendant vulnerability of protected health information (PHI). Patient awareness of this issue continues to increase, as demonstrated by such recent surveys as Aetna’s Health Ambitions Survey, where 80 percent of consumers highly rated privacy as an important aspect of healthcare. This consumer fear is well-founded, with at least one public data breach occurring in healthcare every day, and millions of records breached per year, according to the Protenus Breach Barometer.

“Fundamentally, we believe that the accurate review and risk-scoring of every single access to patient data is a standard that patients deserve and, as this and other surveys demonstrate, fervently demand. We are honored and gratified to receive this honor from Black Book, and are glad that they are always looking forward to see the future of health data security and privacy,” said Nick Culbertson, CEO and Co-Founder of Protenus.

The surveyed consumers, in reviewing Protenus and its value proposition, found that the Protenus platform was one of 19 companies that most piqued demand and spurred curiosity, a testament to the important work that Protenus is doing to ensure that every access to patient data in the electronic health record (EHR) is appropriate and justified.

“Black Book is delighted to see Protenus’ patient privacy monitoring solution represented with such enthusiasm in our survey, reflecting both the importance to consumers of accurately detecting threats to patient privacy in the EHR and associated systems, as well as Protenus’ innovation and excellence in this important area,” said Doug Brown, Founder of Black Book.

Black Book completed this survey of companies that received funding in the last twelve months and found that Protenus was one of the top 19 solutions, and the only solution in the patient privacy and health data security category. Protenus is backed by some of the world’s leading investors, including Kaiser Permanente Ventures and F-Prime Capital Partners, who jointly led Protenus’ recent $11M Series B funding round.

“At Protenus and for healthcare organizations across the country, patients are the top priority. They make decisions on which institutions to frequent based on the quality of care they receive and which organizations most respect patient privacy and health data security,” said Protenus Co-Founder and President, Robert Lord. “We are honored that the healthcare industry and consumers recognize the importance of the work we do at Protenus, striving to better protect their most sensitive information.”