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Privacy FAQ Video Series

Privacy leaders are bearing the impact of continued fallout of the pandemic, critical labor challenges, and deeper budget cuts while privacy violations continue to steadily climb — increasing risk to their healthcare organizations and their patients. It can be hard to know where to start in taking a proactive approach to protecting patient privacy in this landscape.

We’re here to help. Join us for the Privacy FAQ video series, five expert-led episodes under five minutes each offering the most contemporary perspectives on hot topics impacting patient privacy, plus actionable advice you can apply to better protect your organizational reputation, finances, and most importantly — your patients.

  • Privacy FAQ Episode #1: How Do I Keep Up with an Evolving Compliance Landscape?
  • Privacy FAQ Episode #2: AI & Privacy
  • Privacy FAQ Episode #3: Privacy Health Checkup
  • Privacy FAQ Episode #4: Healthcare M&As - AVAILABLE NOW
  • Privacy FAQ Episode #5: Labor and Staffing Shortages

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Why Protenus?

Empowering Healthcare to Eliminate Risk

Patient Privacy Monitoring is the only healthcare privacy product built on a risk-reduction platform that enables untapped, intelligent scalability for its users.

By auditing up to 100% of system accesses, our customers are not only able to surface privacy violations previously hidden but also identify the early warning signs of an incident, strengthening their policy adherence strategy.

This means our privacy customers focus on what matters most by configuring their risk tolerance, automating the detection of patient data breaches, monitoring their investigative progress, and streamlining their workflow — all to protect their patients' health information and departmental ROI.

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