Protecting privacy means going below the surface

Protenus is a fundamentally different way to proactively monitor and protect patient privacy in the electronic health record (EHR). Trusted by top healthcare organizations, this cloud-based analytics platform helps privacy teams act on obvious and hidden privacy threats. Insights combined with privacy team expertise protect health data from misuse and breaches.

Artificial Intelligence deeply understands how each member of your workforce normally accesses patient records in the EHR. Appropriate and inappropriate accesses are separated from one another through the use of hundreds of analytics, which take into account factors like:

  • Historical clinical activity
  • Patterns of documentation
  • Typical interactions between colleagues
Deployed at scale in the nation’s leading healthcare organizations—Health Systems, HIEs, Clinics, Physician Practices, and Payers
Monitored thousands of scenarios to accurately detect VIP cases, insider threats, irresponsible business associates, inappropriate lookups of pediatric data, and complex criminal activity
Proactively identified serious health data breaches, mitigating reputational damage
Reviewed trillions of accesses to electronic health records
Animated Protenus Dashboard

Expect simple, human-friendly explanations of suspected privacy breaches

Privacy teams are asked to manage more with increasingly strained resources. Entrusted with protecting patients from health data breaches, these teams manage the risk posed by business associates, community affiliates, and ever-expanding workforces, all while operating under the watchful eye of HHS, ONC, and their own leadership.

Actionable patterns emerge that put privacy teams in control 

Adhering to HIPAA and HITECH is required, but only represents a portion of what leading institutions do to protect patient privacy. Only a comprehensive view—established through proactive monitoring that produces simple-to-understand, digestible knowledge—will deliver the necessary confidence and control to all stakeholders.

Dashboard visualization case history
ONC Certified HIT
ONC Certified HIT

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See the entire privacy picture

Monitor all interactions within the EHR

Analyze a comprehensive set of access logs from EHR, HR, pharmacy, and inventory management systems

Augment internal data with open-source internet traffic to automatically identify VIPs

See the real story behind each suspected privacy violation with interactive visualizations that explain clinical workflows and relationships

Accurately detect suspicious activity

No wading through false positives (up to 97 percent accurate results)

Review the riskiest alerts first through customizable controls

Advanced analytics and clinically-aware algorithms continuously improve as they learn from privacy teams and other institutions using the Protenus platform

Resolve cases in minutes, not hours or days

Generate human-friendly case reports that guide tough HR discussions often led by privacy teams

“Hand off” cases from one team member to another with collaboration and delegation features. Add notes from each user, as well as internal workflow documentation

Integrate Protenus insights into existing reporting processes and systems

Report ROI to stakeholders

Create report-ready documents (either pre-built or ad-hoc) for OCR, state, or internal reporting

Track the progress of compliance and privacy initiatives throughout your organization

Reinforce trust throughout the entire system

Deploy the platform securely in the cloud

Maintain or achieve Meaningful Use certification

Prepare for current and future OCR HIPAA audits

Enhance your privacy team’s effectiveness

Make privacy team initiatives more effective through periodic “health checkups” with dedicated Protenus data scientists and engineers

Access ongoing best practices via a dedicated Protenus account manager

Use saved time to focus on educating the workforce on important initiatives

Johns Hopkins Health System augmented their privacy team with proactive patient privacy analytics