Nick Culbertson

CEO & Co-Founder

Nick served eight years in the US Army and completed his service as a highly-decorated Special Forces operator (Green Beret). He was awarded two bronze stars during his service, one for extraordinary valor.

Nick attended the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine where he and co-founder Robert Lord saw firsthand how electronic medical records are used to improve patient care and share data more efficiently. They also observed that the electronic medical record created a whole new slate of serious security and privacy concerns. In 2014, Nick and Robert developed the initial prototype and algorithms that launched Protenus, fulfilling a critical need to better protect patient data in electronic health records.

Prior to Protenus, Nick spent four years as a biomedical researcher at Johns Hopkins University, where he participated in a variety of studies including synthetic biology, cellular engineering, and clinical outcomes. Nick holds a bachelor’s degree from Johns Hopkins University in Cellular Biology and helps run The 6th Branch, a veteran-led community service organization in East Baltimore.

Fun Fact: Nick loves breaking large blocks of concrete with sledgehammers in order to rehabilitate urban spaces, which he gets to do frequently with The Sixth Branch.