Protenus Employee Values Spotlight
Ashley VanHoy, People Operations Generalist Protenus employee spotlight

Ashley VanHoy, People Operations Generalist

For September, we are excited to announce that Ashley VanHoy, People Operations Generalist, from the People Operations Team has been nominated for the Employee Values Spotlight for embodying our shared company values.

Ashley embodies and lives Protenus' values every day and truly cares about Protenus! She always comes up with great ideas to get employees together and to do some team bonding, whether it's through Trivia, Pumpkin Carving or Step Challenges and through her many efforts within the Community Cohort. She has also stepped up big time and has taken on the recruiting responsibilities - and has been doing great thus far. I thoroughly enjoy working with Ashley everyday and I know many others feel the same. 


Q&A with Andie

What’s your role at Protenus, and what do you do?

I work as a People Operations Generalist. That means I get to handle a variety of tasks including assisting with the recruitment process, onboarding new employees, processing payroll, maintaining employee records, promoting employee engagement and well-being, among others!

What do Protenus’ values mean to you?

Be Human: I know that I can be myself at Protenus. It’s normal and comfortable for me to share details about my personal life, my hobbies and anything else on my mind.

Build Trust: For me, building trust is between me and my colleagues. I want them to know they can always come to me when they need something and I’ll do my best to help.

Live (Em)powered: We work as a team and cheer each other on. I love seeing my colleagues succeed, learn and grow both professionally and personally. I know that I can go to my team when I have questions or need support. 

Onward together: No matter what team you’re on, we are striving towards the same goal; and together, we can accomplish anything.

How is it working with our internal customers aka employees on a daily basis?

I love interacting with other Protenus employees and feel so fortunate that People Ops is a department that gets to interact with each and every team. I find such satisfaction in being a resource for employees, listening to their concerns and being able to offer solutions and contributing to a positive work environment.

How has working at Protenus impacted your career?

Working at Protenus has been unlike any other company I’ve ever worked before. I’ve had the opportunity to develop new skills, be a part of a great team and culture, and build so many great relationships. My manager allows me space to try new things and always encourages conversations about growth. 

How did you decide to pursue a career in People Operations?

I’ve always been drawn to the human aspect of organizations. I’m passionate about helping people and I truly believe that a positive and productive workplace is the cornerstone of any successful company. Being in People Operations allows me to help create that type of environment, one where employees can thrive, develop and contribute their best. Working in People Ops, I see an opportunity to make a meaningful impact on both individuals and the organization as a whole. 

What has surprised you the most about working at Protenus?

Our leadership team is top notch. They excel in communication, transparency, visibility, and above all, their ability to connect on a human level. Their leadership is marked by open and frequent communication, where they share company goals, challenges and successes with all of us. They aren’t hidden away in corner offices, they are sitting with the rest of us. Their leadership style creates a culture of trust, collaboration and a shared purpose.