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Drug Diversion Surveillance Value Assessment

Are you looking to develop or improve your drug diversion program but not sure where to begin?

Let us help you develop a personalized business use case that will elevate your drug diversion program with adoption of new technology that supports your business goals and secures executive buy-in.

In your drug diversion surveillance value assessment, we will review:

Drug Diversion Surveillance Value Assessment
This value assessment is free and is done via a 30-min Zoom meeting. At the end of the meeting you will be provided with a copy of the personalized Business Case + Value Assessment for you to use in conversations with stakeholders at your organization.

How the assessment works ↓

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At the meeting, we will discuss key information about your organization, review the findings and follow-up with a a personalized business use case document that you can use in conversations with with your decision makers.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“ One outcome of the product is the decrease in time for the initial case review completion. The second time reduction is a decrease in the time to case resolution. We have had a significant increase in the number of cases we have been able to review by using the platform.”
April 2022 KLAS Survey*
Protenus Diversion Analytics is great. It has has been very beneficial for our organization. It has helped us a lot with streamlining our diversion time frames and drug diversion monitoring.. I am very pleased with the product.”
August 2022 KLAS Survey*
Protenus has largely driven our drug diversion monitoring efforts through product updates and responsiveness to our requests, feedback, and concerns.”
March 2022 KLAS Survey*