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Case-Based vs. Report Based Diversion Monitoring Retrospective Study


Which drug diversion monitoring model reigns supreme?

Clinical drug diversion poses risks to communities, including reputational and legal risks to healthcare organizations, employee harm from overdose, and most importantly, patient harm from infection and suboptimal care.

Drug diversion monitoring programs typically fall into two categories: report-based and case-based models.

  • Report-based model involves implementing reports on disparities between the automated dispensing cabinet (ADC), medication administration record (MAR), and anomalous behavior metrics.
  • Case-based model focuses on aggregating data sources, reviewing all transactions, and proactively alerting on events with a high likelihood of diversion.

Which monitoring model is superior in detecting drug diversion? In this retrospective study, Protenus Senior Customer Success Manager, Russell Dorsey, CPhT-Adv, CCSM, analyzes outcomes of case-based and report-based diversion monitoring.

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