Stacy McCloskey
Director of Marketing

Stacy McCloskey

Stacy has more than 22 years of experience in Health IT and is an expert in leveraging Health IT resources to help ensure exceptional patient care.

Stacy was one of two people to initiate Iatric Systems marketing department, making her instrumental in the growth of the company from a small LLC to a multi-million company. She managed a team of marketing professionals and implemented a comprehensive enterprise marketing platform.

She has a masters degree in Mass Communications from the University of Oklahoma.

Fun fact: In 1995, Stacy programmed Star Trek and Star Trek Next Generation at KFOR-TV. Due to an NBC programming conflict, she had to cancel the Star Trek marathon, leading a human chain of protesting 'Trekkies' to form around the station. Despite this, she has managed to live long, and prosper, and enjoys playing the piano.