Matt Collins
Account Executive

Matt Collins

Matt has been working in the healthcare space for over five years in various disciplines, including health tech, diagnostics, and business administration. The companies he has worked for range from over 25,000 employees to small, local start-ups. In each case, the goal was to bring awareness to innovative technologies and services in order to improve the healthcare system as a whole.

In his past roles, he has developed deep expertise in fields such as EHR workflows, medical reimbursement, and privacy, compliance, and drug diversion. At Protenus, he leverages his background as a trusted guide to bring value to clients and their institutions, ensuring they have the best resources at their disposal.

Matt is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University and is currently working towards his MBA.

Fun fact: Matt has moved 18 times in the last 19 years. He is exceptional at packing and unpacking, but has retired from that job and now leaves it to the professionals.