Fazal Mahate
Senior Data Engineer

Fazal Mahate

“Protenus is every data engineer's dream come true when it comes to playing with data! Plenty of data to splice, massage, and coalesce! And I haven't even mentioned the 'big' word!”

Fazal has extensive experience in enterprise architecture, software development, and building scalable, high-performance systems in secure environments.

Fazal's technical leadership experience includes requirement analysis, architecture, data and object modeling, design, development, and verification phases of Information Technology (IT) projects. Fazal's key strengths are leveraging leading-edge technologies and architecting solutions by mapping customer business problems to reusable end-to-end technology solutions.

Before joining Protenus, Fazal worked for Booz Allen Hamilton, IBM, and RWD Technologies. Fazal has a M.S. in Information Systems from the University of Maryland.

Fun fact: Fazal loves a particular country so much that he took three weeks to travel across half of it...can you guess the country?