Ethan Wolkowicz
Senior Security Engineer

Ethan Wolkowicz

Ethan has built his career in SecDevOps, mastering the emerging art of building and automating security solutions for large-scale data centers and cloud environments, thanks in no small part to his tenure securing data centers and AWS presence with an advertising technology company.

He comes equipped with a knowledge base spanning traditional network and endpoint security, SecDevOps in AWS, technical operations monitoring and management, and customer support -- the latter giving him a very pragmatic perspective on how security practices need to blend seamlessly with human workflows. Good security is both transparent and effective, improving uptake while keeping client data safe and enabling Protenus to fulfill its mission.

Ethan holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Resource Management from Wilmington University and has recently started Masters studies in Business & Technology Management at Stevenson University. He is, of course, an avid security news “junkie,” staying atop the latest developments in IaaS providers’ security posture, CVEs, and the myriad of malware curiosities befalling the general public.

Fun Fact: While not building new SecOps pipelines, automating audits, and evaluating antivirus vendors, Ethan enjoys DIY home projects. Currently he is remodeling his house, which gives him a great sense of accomplishment and an excuse to buy new tools.