Christine Leverett
Product Developer

Christine Leverett

Christine recently completed an all-womens immersive program in Javascript at Fullstack Academy.

At Protenus, Christine works closely with our visual and front-end designers to integrate new designs into our product.

Previously, Christine was taking classes with the intent to pursue a Masters in Occupational Therapy. However, she decided to take a course in web design per the suggestion of her father, and ended up loving it. This led her to FullStack.

She earned a BA in Economics and Sustainability at the University of Florida. There, she spent a lot time working with children and young adults with special needs. She was an active member of the Autism Awareness community in Florida, and hopes to continue this involvement in her new home of New York.

Fun Fact: Christine was a vegetarian for 10 years and a full vegan for the last three years. About two years ago, she began eating meat again, and has since tried a few foods for the first time - her favorite being octopus and her least favorites being Rocky Mountain oysters and lengua.