Patients and Hospitals Deserve Better Privacy Protection.

This core insight, which drove the creation of Protenus, came to Nick and Robert as medical students attending the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

There, they saw firsthand how electronic health records (EHRs) are used to improve patient care and share data more efficiently—but also create a whole new slate of serious security and privacy concerns.

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Ensuring Trust in Healthcare

With Nick’s human intelligence experience and Robert’s experience designing and managing systems for the world’s most successful hedge fund, it was a natural transition to tackle the problem of health data security and patient privacy monitoring.

While in the DreamIt Health Baltimore accelerator class of 2014, Robert and Nick developed the initial prototype and algorithms that launched Protenus. Their continued passion for healthcare and patient privacy has enabled them to build a team that delivers Protenus to hospitals around the country, as healthcare data breaches continue to rise.

With Great Talent Comes Great Responsibility.

We are proud to have assembled one of the strongest technology teams in the region. From data scientists and designers to ex-Special Forces operators and finance savants, we all share the same mission of ensuring trust in patient privacy.

We are passionate about Protenus, our work, and our downtime. We take board games, HIPAA violations, Whiskey Wednesday, and securing patient data very seriously. Our incredible team members are superheroes when it comes to protecting patient privacy, and our superpowers include particle physics, quantitative finance, market segmentation, cybersecurity, healthcare analytics sales, and human-computer interface design.