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KLAS surveyed our national customer base, see what they had to say:

“The false positives are near zero. I am absolutely blown away by the product, and we absolutely love it. It has been a huge morale booster. We are identifying some things that we need to be concerned about. We will be able to fix them. We have only had one false positive in almost 100 cases, and that was when the system was learning.”

Director, November 2018

“We considered several other organizations, but Protenus offered a substantially better product. We are a large organization with multiple hospitals, so we needed to ensure that our EMRs were safe. Keeping tabs on our many providers and patients is a monumental effort, so we needed to find a tool to do much of that legwork.”

VP/Other Executive, June 2018

“From the beginning, we knew Protenus would be a good fit for us. They understood what we were looking for and what types of reports we wanted from the system. The people we worked with throughout the entire process of buying and implementing the product were really great. There isn't anything that I wish Protenus would do differently; we have had such a good experience with them so far. ”

Director, August 2018

“Protenus has a yearly conference for all their users to share their experiences and talk to each other. Protenus really looks for feedback from their customer base. The product itself is really dynamic and more intelligent than some other things on the market. A lot of other systems can monitor coworker to coworker, but the Protenus product can recognize normal patterns and identify abnormal patterns.”

VP/Other Executive, August 2018

“The system has never been down, and the security is phenomenal. Our CISO was exceedingly impressed with the level of security at Protenus. We haven’t had another vendor meet the same level of expectations that Protenus does.”

Director, October 2018

*The following are selected commentaries that may not represent the whole of provider sentiment related to this product or service. Visit KLASresearch.com for a complete view.

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