Patient Privacy, Monitored.

You are responsible for protecting your health system from data breaches, but who has your back?  Protenus detects inappropriate accesses in your institution's Electronic Health Record (EHR), deploying the latest advances in big data analytics to protect patient privacy and help you sleep soundly at night.
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The Protenus automated patient privacy monitoring platform analyzes user behavior to detect and resolve HIPAA violations.  Our clinically-aware technology elevates only true threats and avoids false alerts.

Collect > Detect > Contextualize > Report > Learn

Our patient privacy monitoring platform seamlessly collects data and logs from across your enterprise, detecting  HIPAA violations with >97% accuracy. Our clinically-aware technology provides natural-language explanations and interactive visualizations that contextualize all the facts in matter of minutes.  Once you’ve confirmed a true threat, our collaboration tools help you report the issue for rapid remediation. Protenus automatically learns from each case in order to improve privacy analytics over time.

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Patient Privacy, Monitored.